Monday, September 27, 2010

Writing 101 - Reviews


We all enjoy being praised. We all want everyone to just fall in love with our book. And sometimes we don't understand why they don't. It can be very crushing when we get that first bad review. However, if you can take that bad review and make it work for you then you are the winner. Trust me ­ it can happen. When I
got my first bad review from someone who never even read Silent Scream I posted it on my site. My book sales soared. It made the people in my network so upset they went out bought the book and wrote their own reviews on Amazon.

That aside, there have been books I read even by some well known authors who were so bad I couldn't even finish them. However, I refused to trash the author or the book. The reason is simple there might be someone out there who would enjoy it. Someone who has a different opinion. And in reality that is all a review is,
just an opinion. And that is relative. Bottom line don't take those to seriously.

Take the nicest thing in the review and post it. That really ticks off the reviewer who has written a bad review. Turn it into a good thing. Make it work for you instead of against you.

When you are ready to send your book to print ­ you will want to get some reviews to either put in the front of the book or the back of it. That is very important, especially if they are from other authors.

Review Services can be found for free at BK Walker Books.

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