Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to Flying Monkeys Writing & Marketing

First,  welcome and thanks for stopping in.  Here you will find writing tips,  marketing tips and ideas,  where and how to promote your work, and most of all,  friendship.  We strive,  and live by my partners motto - Paying It Forward! 

If ever you have any questions,  want to see something we haven't listed,  or need any help with anything at all,  you can email us anytime.  I will list our blog email,  plus each of our emails on this page.  Please don't ever hesitate to contact anytime.  We promise to get back to you.

So now,  let us introduce ourselves.

    My name is Yvonne Mason and I have been writing since I was a child. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and am a Bounty Hunter. I am also a motivational Speaker. However, it took over thirty years to become published. It wasn't for the lack of trying quite the contrary. I was rejected so much it wasn't even funny.
    I started working on my first book when my children were small in the early 1970's and finally it was published in 2007. How did you do it? You may ask. Well,  it was persistence, and pure stubbornness.
    I now have five books and one short story published. Of the five books two are non- fiction and the other three are fiction. My first book was non- fiction it is about my brother who is challenged. That book took me over thirty years to finish and get published. As soon as I finished the first book, I started on a fiction book
loosely based on a true crime. I had two books published by the end of 2007.
    The next endeavor was another fiction which was about a serial killer as well as a non- fiction which is a true crime. While I was researching the true crime I wrote the fiction. They both were released in 2008 back to back. In between the four books I released a short story. This year I released another fiction which is of all things a comedy.

     My name is Brandi,  some of you may know me as B.K. Walker.  I too have had a love of writing since I was a child,  always making up stories and reading them to my stuffed animals (haha,  I didn't play with dolls much).  I am now a published author of three novels,  two are dramatic romance and the other is a paranormal romance.  My very first book,  Near Suicide started out as just a journal of self help,  and then the main character screamed to be heard.   So I wrote the book,  and my latest release,  Death Upon Me is a revision of Near Suicide.  I currently work as a pediatric home care nurse,  which I love and find it very gratifying.  I am a mother to three wonderful children,  a pitbull,  dachshund,  and a goldfish.  Our cat,  which you may be wondering if you have read my books,  has recently passed away.  His ashes sit proudly on my desk and he keeps me company along with our other pitbull,  while I write.
     So with that being said,  I also run several blogs,  host a radio show on Blog Talk Radio where I do author interviews,  where we will be holding our writer's workshops,  and I organize virtual book tours as well. 

     Whatever your needs may be,  Yvonne and I are here to help you move forward.  So watch out for the flying monkeys,  Yvonne likes to send them after people so never be alarmed lol,  become a follower of our newest endeavor,  help us spread the word,  and sit back and learn what we can teach you to promote your work,  and most importantly.....Yourself!


  1. Okay, I'm a flying monkey follower. Why does that sound strange!!!

  2. LOL because that is what Yvonne is, and she will tell you, strange hahaha. Thanks for following Margaret!