Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Does Your Book Have The Right Look?

Knowing how to get just the right look and feel to fit the subject matter and distinct identity of each book is my passion.

No matter what your needs are, either an e-book cover or the entire flat, front, spine and back, having a dramatic cover could set your book apart from the thousands of others being written every day. They might not remember your name, but.....they'll remember your cover


A very large percentage of all books sold are sold on the basis of a great book cover. The cover you choose is the most important tool used to sell and market your book. It's often true that having an eye catching cover may determine where the book is located in the book store. The cover should not only be visually appealing, but also represent it's content. So whether you decide to self publish or go with a more traditional publisher, having the best cover possible to reflect the story you are telling is truly
the most important part of the writing process.

My ultimate goal is to create book covers that are different and unique... designed just for you. I have experience with all types of books including romance, science fiction, real crime, self-help and more. I have created eye-catching CD and DVD covers as well as paperback book covers and e-book cover designs.

We as Independent authors and publishers know the importance of having somewhere that your readers can hang out and not only order your books, but find out what you're up to and what's going on in our literary world. A cool website will do just that. If you enjoyed my site and would like me to design one for you, similar to what you see, let me know. (or something more your taste)

Blue Voda hosts my site.. and for a small yearly fee (around $100) they keep it up and running. You also make your own domain name and can have as many pages as you can handle. Check out my site where you will find the link. I've been using them for four years now and I'm very happy.

Debi DeSantis
Romance Author & Book Cover Designer

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