Thursday, October 14, 2010

Writing and More Writing with Ami Blackwelder

Writing, and More Writing…

I grew up in Florida, but at twenty-six decided to travel and teach around the world. Living overseas for eight years and teaching in countries like Korea, China, and Thailand, I fell in love with the east. How can you not?

I began writing creative stories in my Elementary years and continued with short stories and poetry into my university years; however, the novel bug did not hit me until thirty-three. Yep, I am a newbie. Yet, this has not stopped my insatiable appetite to write novels. Once wetted with my first novel, The Gate of Lake Forest, inspired in Thailand, I have not been able to stop.

There is something glorious about designing your own world and character and something delicious about spending time in that world, getting to know the place and people who live there with you -and only you, until you share the story;)

I have to admit writing is my addiction. Some people do drugs, some alcohol, and some sugar. But for me, I could not live without writing. I love the craft and like breathing, fell I would die without the opportunity to perform this craft.

I am an eclectic writer, dabbing in Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Romance, History, and even Spirituality and non-fiction. That is just the way my mind works. I am all over the place, into everything. Love to know and discover new things. Curiosity killed the cat and sometimes I feel I am close, but hopefully I will punch out all the novels in my head before that happens.

I love nature and wildlife and those themes remain strong elements to my stories. I research everything I write. Even with fiction, I want to know where and what, how and when…and researching only makes the writing and story stronger. I want my reader to feel the events as real as I do!

When I succeed, prose can sounds like poetry (and for some critics, too descriptive), but I love details. Life is in the details. I won't change my style for anyone, and you will either love the novels or hate 'em. But when the story is finished, there is no greater feeling in the world for me, then knowing my vision will be shared with someone else soon.

I am finishing my The Hunted of 2060 saga which will be five parts and then write the last novel to the Guardians of the Gate story, but then I will dive into more worlds and more characters, already swirling about in my head. Writer's block, no -I suffer from writer's flux. Too many ideas;)

I hope you enjoy my novels and check out my non-fiction books on spirituality while you are three.

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